Bennett Schechter Arcuri & Will represents national companies and individuals in the area of toxic tort litigation.  We have the skill and resources to timely investigate and evaluate our clients’ exposure to toxic tort claims.  We have a great deal of experience dealing with the complicated legal issues that often develop in these cases throughout the course of litigation.  Moreover, we have experience with the unique medical issues in these types of cases and have the ability to select well-qualified experts to properly defend these actions.  We handle matters involving asbestos, pesticides, mercury, mold, silica and lead.

In the lead paint realm, New York State continues to have a great number of cases placed into litigation.  Lead paint litigation generally involves a claim of negligence and negligent abatement against a homeowner.  Under New York law, an infant, a person under the age of 18, has until age 21 to bring a lawsuit.  Therefore, it is common for the allegation of exposure to have occurred in the early to mid-1990′s.  This often becomes problematic for homeowners, as documentation may no longer be in their possession.  Bennett Schechter’s Toxic Tort Practice Group has the knowledge and experience to handle these issues with proficiency.